Joining in

The events leading to Newman leaving for good with a pair of binoculars, a memory stick and an RV full of fish were remarkable, and not the typical end to a successful career at Ziegler Genetics.

The binoculars were a gift from his team, who were keen to provide him with something useful for his new life at the lake. The fish, of course, were a key part of his next project, but at his departure their very existence was unknown to anyone apart from Newman.

The memory stick he stole, as it contained everything that had been forgotten about the fish.

The end came on a Friday afternoon when, as Newman was undergoing his weekly one-on-one in Steve’s office, a short phone call, a knock on the door, and the entry of two suited individuals all happened in quick succession.

“Donoghue, Legal,” said the first. “Stevenson” said the second.

“Here’s the situation,” said Stevenson, sitting down, opening his briefcase, and addressing no-one in particular.

Donoghue remained silent, fixed on Steve, his eyebrows raised in anticipation of Steve’s response.

“You’re done with the fish project. We need signatures from everyone involved indicating that all materials have been destroyed, any patents abandoned, down tools, reassign staff, non fumus boni iuris, nemo auditur propriam turpitudinem allegans, and so on, and so forth.”

Joining in is a 75,000 word commercial, humor, satirical novel strong on character, location and plot. It raises issues, smiles, and eyebrows; the story is reflective and satirical, including themes of belonging and joining, identity and history, and framed by contemporary concerns around corporate culture, genetics, and food.

Joining in is a plausible tale of the ties that bind us, of the interpretation of evidence, of genes, family, tribes, and nations. Shot through with big fish and corporate buffoonery.

Joining in is currently looking for an agent…